My culture is my language

३१ असार २०७४, शनिबार १४:४४

My culture is my language

My language is my culture, Yaar!

Yaar means “man.”

Yaar means “dude.”

Yaar means “sir.”

The brevity of my language!

My language

Lacks grammar not cohesion,

Lacks prose not poems,

Lacks composition not rhythm,

Lacks syntax not semantics.

Though the lyre of my language is broken,

The lyrics it leaves are everlasting.

My images are my culture.

My culture is my language.

I know about the knowledge of Fruit

Which Eve and Adam ate.

Do you know about Vang[i]and Daturo[ii]

Which Siva[iii] ate?

The math of my language is not a myth.

Two minus two equals four, yaar,

Unlike what Devkota [iv]said

One minus one equals one

Because it’s my time, not Devkota’s.

I can grow roses on rocks,

Mosses on mud through my language.

You poked fun at me

When I made mud a beautiful image.

Did you forget what Keats said

The truth is beauty and the beauty is truth?

I feel the fragrance of flowers,

Smell the scent of soil,

Sniff the gas emitted by dilapidated automobiles.

Shit is not beautiful if it smells good.

My language is not beautiful if it smells your culture.

Culture is my language, yaar!

I am Tulasi, an incarnation of Bishnu[v],

Another creator of the Universe.

Tulasi is a plant of basil,

A religious plant in my culture.

We put its leaves in our foods to be sanctified,

Though I am not one hundred percent pure.

To tell you the truth,

I have not lost my virginity,

Nor dared to woo someone’s virginity.

I think, therefore, I am.[vi]

My culture, therefore, is my language,

Which rises like the phoenix from its ashes.

  1. It’s like marijuana that creates hallucination when eaten.
  2. It is also like marijuana that creates hallucination when eaten.
  3. A Hindu God (it is believed that there are thirty-three million gods and goddesses in Hindu religion) who is the creator of the universe, lives a nomadic life, wearing the garland of serpents and clothes made of tiger-skin.
  4. A great Nepali poet who wrote a poem Lunatic to impugn those who could not understand him.
  5. Bishnu is one of the concepts of trinity (Brama, Bisnu, Mahes) in Hindu religion. He is the universe. However, He has also a stigma of disgrace because he raped Brinda, the wife of Jalandar, a God of destructive force, so he could kill Jalandar only after wooing her virginity. After knowing her virginity and fidelity towards her husband was lost, she imprecated him to live the life of a plant named Tulasi.
  6. A sixteenth century rationalist thinker, Rene Descartes, writes “Cogito Ergo Sum.”

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