My three month old child

७ चैत्र २०७५, बिहीबार ०७:५७

Her little lollipop mouth

Moves to find her mother’s nipples,

And she sucks them with her eyes

Gazed into her mother’s,

And takes a break to gasp some air

And goes back to the nipples

Until she satiates,

And opens her mouth

With her tongue sticking out

And rolling it in and out

Trying to say something

She experienced,

With her feet and hands

Throwing to and fro

In yogic posture

Like she is balancing

Her breathing in and out

And finally dishes out a smile

That glows all over me.

Hope emerges, and I fear death

That silently creeps into my thoughts

And overwhelms me what if I died:

Before I die, I want to behold

The smile of the child

That death cannot beat

And hold her in my hands,

Looking into her eyes.

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