The rumor that I’m in love with you
Is limited only to a windy leaf on a tree.
Hope you will see my love in the air someday.
But, do not forget:
The leaf sways, when the breeze sweeps over it.

A pile of love for you in my heart
Is taller than the pile of articles
Sitting on the editor’s desk.
Hope it will be published someday.
But, do not forget:
This pile of love continues to rise.

The mountain of my love for you
Is taller than the snow-clad mountains of Nepal.
Hope they will sparkle some day.
But, do not forget:
When the sun will rise
The first ray will fall
On the mountain of our love.

The color of my love for you
Is ruddier than the red rose
Hope, it will bloom some day.
But do not forget:
When the fresh bud will open,
The rose itself will fade away.

The meditation on my love for you
Is deeper than the meditation of Vishwamitra.*
Hope, it will end someday.
But do not forget:
When I will rise,
you will only be falling in the arms of
my realization. ( )


Vishwamitra.* – An Indian Saint


By समय-समाचार

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