Does death die?

२५ कार्तिक २०७६, सोमबार १५:२८

How does death live?
The other day I was contemplating death
Wondering how it lives, survives
Whereas we are born and we die, for sure.
Does death ever die?
I have seen a raccoon while driving
On my way dead on the road,
With its intestines splattered all around its skin
And looking infested.  I have seen
Getty images where a toddler—
In the region of famine— on the verge of dying
By the side of the seashore or sand
Flanked by an eagle
Standing and waiting for the dead.
But, death never dies.
I thought: it doesn’t need food
It doesn’t have its religion, or culture, or race
Or hunger for the things that do not go with it—
For which we wage wars in their names.
Death is cosmopolitan so it stays magnificent!
I wondered if we could live like death!

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