By Tulasi Acharya

I consider Covid-19,
Not a bane, but a boon,
While staying in Self-isolation,
You can learn a million lessons.
And get out of a boredom
And create the creativity’s kingdom.
If you are a graphic designer,
Design one and post to twitter,
And let others comment and share.
If you are a comedian,
Crack a healthy joke
Don’t let the Covid-19 be a mock.
If you are a poet,
Pen a poem and post to Facebook.
If you are a reader, read a book,
Chapter by chapter,
Replacing pain with a laughter.
Yoga, stretching, breathing,
Reading, singing, humming,
Dancing, watching, viewing
Listening, meditating, writing
Beholding, thinking, contemplating…
Do whatever you like,
But let the creativity spike.

Bio: Tulasi Acharya is a Nepali Poet. His interests are poetry writing and translation.He has published a number of short stories, poems and articles. In 2014, he published a novel “Running from the Dreamland” that explores the experiences of a Nepali migrant in the United States.


By समय-समाचार

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