5 Great new works of innovative non-fiction

२९ चैत्र २०७६, शनिबार ००:४३

By Rebecca Hussey

In most years, I read more fiction than nonfiction, but I usually find that the books that moved and inspired me the most are the nonfiction ones. I’m drawn to memoir and essays where I can feel an author trying to make sense of their lives and the world at the same time—books that are personal but not ONLY personal. I love books where there’s a strong sense of the author’s presence, reaching out to some part of the world to find new ideas and new forms.
Below you’ll find five recent nonfiction books that I loved. Each one has something new and vital to say, whether it’s about immigration, race, gender, sexuality, art, disability, or literature. Each one has a personal story to tell, and each one looks out at the world with its own set of questions and preoccupations. I found these books challenging in the best way: they made me see myself and the world a little bit differently. I hope some of these books will speak to you in the same way. (Copied from https://www.google.com/amp/s/bookriot.com/2020/04/10/innovative-nonfiction/amp/)

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