The Murder of Love

१४ जेष्ठ २०७७, बुधबार ००:२४

Why does love not understand its status

And reach out to the “upper caste”?

Why does it forget about its limitations

And reach out to the hearts beyond the religion, caste and color?

I wonder if love should have its limitations;

I wonder if it should have its own religion, color, caste and gender.

I suppose the mistake was made by him

Who thought that love is the language of the heart, a union of two hearts

That shouldn’t be smeared with any color.

What he did was just the opposite of

What his society he lived in taught

And received a gift—a cruel murder —

That was the murder of love.

The murder of love meant the death of civilization—so shameful.

How long should I continue to cover

The shame of the society I live in?

Author’s bio: Tulasi Acharya is a writer.

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