The Benefits of Online Counseling

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  • Get matched with a counselor based on what you need help with most, instead of just focusing on who is in your area. This means you get access to a whole world of counselors with specific specialities, ensuring you don’t end up with a counselor who doesn’t get you or what you are struggling with.
  • You’ll be matched with a counselor within 24 hours, so you no longer have to wait weeks/months to start getting help. This means you get to experience progress much quicker. 
  • You can message your counselor in-between sessions, so you can reach out whenever you are feeling down and get a response in a few hours. This means you are no longer forced to wait until your next session to get help.
  • Multiple communication options (video chat, phone call and online chat) allow you to connect with a counselor in a way that is most comfortable for you, so you can feel less awkward when conducting a session. The more comfortable you are the quicker your progress will be. 
  • You can be completely anonymous with online counseling, this means you don’t even need to share your name or your appearance with your counselor if you choose not to.

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