‘Effort to regularize the market’

२९ फाल्गुन २०७७, शनिबार ०७:५१

The Department of Commerce, Supplies and Consumer Protection has said that it has always been working to make business and trade activities fair, transparent and competitive.

Speaking at a programme organised here on Friday, Director General of the Department Prakash Poudel said the daily market monitoring has been continued, with three to four teams in a day. “We are working to streamline the market as much as to our capacity,” he said.

Poudel however said that lack of human resource is obstructing the expanding of the monitoring work. He pointed out the need for collaboration between the rights workers, alert consumers and the concerned agencies to establish order in the market.

Superintendent of Police at Crime Investigation Division Krishna Prasad Koirala expressed the commitment to work with the department of commerce and district administration offices to stop black marketing.

Journalist Sagar Pandit stressed on the need to end the tendency of market monitoring only during the festivals.

Consumer rights activist Prem Lal Maharjan complained about the Consumers Act, 2055 not recognizing the consumer rights workers.

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