Unseasonal flood and human tears

Paddy fields have been swept away. Bridges and roads have been destroyed. Human bodies have been found buried under the flooded debris of their home.

As the unseasonal rain began, many unwanted happenings inundated the country. The drinking water pipelines have been destroyed in the hilly region of the country; agricultural lands have been swept away; and people’s houses have turned roofless. Only three-four days of rain have created such a havoc. Existence of families has been put under question with this unseasonal rainfall.

Broken water pipelines contaminate drinking water and may spread health epidemic, directly affecting the displaced families. Currently, many people and family members are living under the tent in an open space; they need immediate relief with the provision of food and proper accommodation. The sanitation problems become another serious issue to be addressed.

The rainfall causing floods is not a new problem that Nepalese citizens face every year during monsoon season, mostly houses near the rivers seem more precarious. The least we have been able to do is to save human casualties. Nepal is an agricultural country, and many farmers fully rely on the crops they grow. It is really disheartening for them and us to see their agricultural lands being destroyed and flooded by rainwater and unseasonal rain at times.

While the corona virus pandemic is still costing the lives and we are at the time of Dashain and Tihar, the greatest festivals of Hindus, this is a very bad timing for the flood that has brought tears to our eyes. While the wound inflicted by the pandemic is still there, now the inundation caused by a few days of excessive rain has added salt to injury.

Precautions should be taken beforehand. Schools, houses, and public places should be built further away from the rivers so that the rise of the river water will hardly cause flood. For now, we should try to re-settle the affected families near the riverbanks to some other places. Those who have lost their family members and cultivable or inhabitable lands are the real victims affected by the rainfall.

We should try to avoid these floodings caused by rainwater with proper and planned constructions of houses. Nepal is a country where the settlements in the hills are rampant, and there are agricultural lands in the hilly terrain. It is difficult to avoid these natural catastrophes, but we can seek other ways to address them in the days to come.

Now, government is the only hope for the victims.

Author’s bio: Thapa is a poet.

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