Police have achieved positive result in crime investigation and control: IGP Thapa

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Shailesh Thapa asserted that police achieved positive result in crime investigation and control.

In a review meeting of the Nepal Police for the half year of current fiscal year 2021/22 here today, IGP Thapa reiterated that police positively intervened in implementation of laws and court’s verdicts, curbing smuggling and other heinous crimes and conducted investigation among others thereby achieving expected outcome.

Thapa viewed that police should be sensitively and seriously mobilized to reduce road accidents and gender-based violence and for effective detention management.

Furthermore, the Chief of the police directed police force to remain unfazed and deliver more for maintaining law and order, conducting crime investigation and helping in prevention and control of COVID-19.

According to him, public’s confidence towards police would increase if the victims are served justice on time and thus called all the police personnel to be sensitive towards this.

The issue relating to testimonies following investigation of case would be very sensitive, Thapa said, adding that police should perform sensitively while delivering on the same.

He said that police personnel should be more active in prevention and control of COVID-19 as the third wave is pervasive in the country.

The meeting was virtually attended by chiefs of province police office in all seven provinces during which they had presented on a wide range of issues such as management of peace and order, development of effective crime investigation and technology-based investigation system, fiscal discipline and transparency, grievances/complaints handling, management of human resources and physical infrastructures among others.

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