Running from the Dreamland: A useful novel for international students

Upon arriving in America, I realized the significance of this book “Running from the Dreamland” in my life. I am immensely grateful to Dr. Tulasi Acharya for introducing this wonderful book, which has made my life more comfortable and enjoyable here in the USA. The book encompasses the culture, challenges, joys, emotions, norms, and way of life in America.I am delighted to recommend this book to my dear ones, and I feel a sense of pride in doing so.

“Running from the Dreamland” is a poignant novel by Tulasi Acharya that tells the story of a young man named Dipak who goes to America to further his studies and confronts the challenges of a new life in the United States. His journey begins when he realizes the dreamland is not how he thought it could be. He even falls in love with an American girl, but finally explores the reality of dreamland. He quickly realizes that the reality is very different from his dreams.

Throughout the novel, we see Dipak struggling to adapt to a new culture, language, and way of life, while also trying to come to terms with his own identity and past. He faces numerous obstacles, including discrimination and scarcity, but also finds friendship and support from those around him. Through Dipak’s eyes, we get a glimpse of the immigrant experience, and the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

“Running from the Dreamland” focuses on contemporary issues and follows the journey of the main character, Dipak, who leaves Nepal to study and earn money in America with big dreams. However, he eventually realizes that the dreamland he was seeking was actually his home country. The novel begins with a flashback technique, which is unique to this book, and the story flows in a coherent manner. The author does not include any preface, commentary, message, or review, allowing the reader to immediately enter the clean and clear path of the story.

The novel sheds light on the struggles and hardships faced by immigrants and international students in a foreign land. It highlights the challenges of adapting to a new culture, navigating different social norms and expectations, and dealing with discrimination and prejudice. Through Dipak’s journey, the novel explores the theme of self-discovery and the realization that home is not just a physical place but also a sense of belonging and identity.

In the novel, the main character, Deepak represents those who have gone to America as the dreamland country. He represents many Nepalis there. In addition to America, the novel highlights those who go to Germany, Australia, Japan, and other countries to study face various problems.

The novel also explores some romantic love relationship and also invites readers to contemplate what is important in love, reflecting on the love relationship of Lucas and Vanessa and Dipak and Malissa. Malisa assumes that Dipak also loves her deeply, but that doesn’t come out to be true for her later. According to Melissa’s society, she has her own understanding of what kind of life partner she should have. However, Dipak may not have had the same level of maturity in the relationship, perhaps. This shows that Dipak and Malisa had different definitions of their love relationship. Dipak is the main character, so the story revolves around him. In the novel, some of the other characters’ stories are also included, however that is not explored more.

Any reader can easily understand “Running from the Dreamland” in a simple way. There is no complexity in its story. Its subject matter is informative and has a message. It creates a feeling of freshness in the reader, different from other novels. Its subject matter is not separate. It is a common subject matter. However, it contains unique and valuable messages and teachings. The novel begins with this introduction and ends with a conclusion. It is a newness in novel writing. It has made this novel different from others by presenting its message and writing style.Overall, “Running from the Dreamland” is a thought-provoking and insightful novel that tackles important issues relevant to our times.

In conclusion, Acharya’s writing is beautifully beautiful, and his characters are well-drawn and sympathetic. He does an excellent job of capturing the complexities of the immigrant experience, and the ways in which culture, identity, and memory shape our lives. “Running from the Dreamland” is a powerful and moving novel that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider or struggled to find their place in the world.

Reviewed by Kunal Acharya

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