क्या खुब लग्ती हो, बढा सुन्दर दिख्ती हो

१२ श्रावण २०७६, आईतवार २०:२०

A live notification on my Facebook account
Takes me to the song being played on the stereo in their car:
क्या खुब लग्ती हो, बढा सुन्दर दिख्ती हो, Kya khub lagti ho badha sundar dekhti ho…,
One of my old time favorite Hindi oldies.
A couple in the car heading on the USA road
Displays their joys—flawless, innocent—
That draw my heart to mingle with them.
I become so happy for them.
I wish I had my partner with me and the same joy
The same USA road, the same luxury in the car,
The same smile on the face, the same flawless feelings.
I already form a filigree of wishes.
The live stream becomes over.
How many of them from Olangchunggola have this luxury?
I start worrying about them now.
Do my worries matter to the politicians?
I ask this stupid question.

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