My name remains

८ कार्तिक २०७६, शुक्रबार १६:४६

When I was young,
I acquired many names–
some from my mother,
some from my friends–
Heart, King, Sun, Thule, Tulasi
As I grew up, I lost them one by one:
Firelies stole some of them away;
Ramachandre stream swayed some of them away;
Shepherds took some of them to the pasture;
Butterflies carried away some of them on their wings;
Mustard flowers in the fields tossed some of them away.
One by one, all of them disappeared, left me.
Now only one of my names remains, i.e. Tulasi.
I know this will also  leave me one day
And flow in the rhythm of Bagamati river.

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