India and Nepal Boarder Debate

२७ कार्तिक २०७६, बुधबार १६:२१

This is just a map India sketched,
But still why the fire–
The fire of rivelry–
Rise in the heart
When the boarder is encroached?
Why do we love the nation
More than the mother?
Like the intoxication of alcohol,
Why not the intoxication
For the love of the nation leave?
Why does the map run across our veins?
Why does the heart hurt
When the pillars on the boarder disappear?
Time has come to talk between two —
In and out of the boarder–
Keeping the talk of Roti and Beti aside for now
Before it succumbs to revolt and bloodshed.
I’ve read in history–
When it comes to fight
For the nation and nationality,
The one who comes first is Nepali
With their heads held high.

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